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How to put a QR code on your photos on iPhone

QR Code iPhone Photo

QR codes are a great way to promote your website, your Twitter handle or your Instagram. They can also encode contact data like email address or phone number.

Put QR codes on your photos with an iPhone App

In this post we show you how to add a QR code to the pics in your iPhone’s photo roll. We’ll be using MetaMark, a watermarking app from Softmatic, a software studio in Berlin, Germany. The app will print text, signatures, logos and QR codes and supports all common image formats (JPEG, HEIC, DNG RAW etc.).

MetaMark’s main screen has three sections:

Watermark App for iPhone

1. The source images. Per default, the app lists the most recent pics from the photo roll; however, the list can be filtered by album or date. Tap the „*“-Button to select all photos in the list, tap the thumbnail to select individual images

2. The watermarks. Predefined watermarks are indicated by a red padlock. To select a watermark for stamping, simply tap it; the selection is indicated by a blue checkmark

3. Command and status bar. Tap the „Process“ button to stamp all selected photos

Create a watermark with a QR code

The quickest way to create a watermark is by modifying a predefined template. We’ll be using the template „QR with URL“. Tap the padlock and the app will create a copy („QR with URL copy“) and launches the watermark designer:

Watermark QR Code on iPhone

(If the element is not selected as pictured above, simply tap to select)

Edit the URL in the QR code

Tap the „Pencil“ icon in the top right of the element to edit the encoded text; the URL „“ is preset:

QR Code URL Editing

URLs or web addresses can be entered directly without further formatting. Just make sure not to inadvertently enter blanks or carriage returns. Tap „<“ to return to the designer.

Tap and drag the code into the desired position; here we are putting it into the lower left corner:

QR Code iPhone Position, Color, Size

You can also change the foreground and background colors of the QR by tapping the color wells near the bottom of the screen. Make sure to select a contrasty color combination and avoid inverted codes (e.g. yellow on black) as many smartphone reader apps will have problems scanning those codes.

Change the size by dragging the „+“-button, rotate the code by dragging the „↻“-button.

Back in the main screen the thumb of the watermark has been updated:

User Defined Watermark with QR Code on iPhone

The green „Pencil“-icon indicates that this is a user-defined watermark that can be edited or deleted.

QR code preview, export and sharing

Use the quick preview to see how the watermakt will look with a real photo. Select one or more photos in th top section, then tap the bue „Eye“-icon at the watermark’s thumbnail to open the preview:

QR Code iPhone Preview and Sharing

(Pictured is the Paul-Löbe Haus in Berlin, captured with an iPhone SE 2nd generation)

If you only want to stamp one or two pics you can export them directly from the preview by tapping the share button at the bottom. For larger amounts, navigate back to the main screen and tap the „Process“-button. The watermarked images will be written into the album „MetaMark“ in your photo roll. The post’s intro image shows the final result.

QR code with metadata and GPS coordinates

Besides hard coded text like in this tutorial, MetaMark will also write dynamic or metadata into the QR code. This can be the location where the photo was taken, the capture date or photographic details like the exposure time, focal length or sensitivity. For more see here.


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